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  1. How do I learn more about Chelation ?
  2. Where can I find the answers for my health issues?
  3. Why doesn't my physician recommend Chelation?
  4. Who is Dr. Marcia Coyle, MD?
  5. What are my options following my trips to the clinic?
  6. When is the right time to begin Chelation treatments?
  7. I have heard Chelation can help clear toxins from Autistic children...
  8. Do you recommend Chelation for the critically ill?
  9. Is Chelation safe for geriatric patients?
  10. Can I take Chelation in my state?

How do I ... ?

[You can learn a great deal about Chelation by reading one of several books on the topic that are available online.

We will soon be offering videos so potential clients can see how Chelation is administered and what the clinic is like.

There are downloadable pamphlets and brochures here.]

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Where can I find ... ?

[Your health issues are exclusive to you and you will need to address those issues with Dr. Coyle as you would any physician.

On the contact page, there is information for the Coyle Chelation Clinic and you can call the U.S. answering service 928.
726-6381 and leave a detailed message outlining your specific areas of concern along with your telephone number as this message will be received directly by Dr. Coyle. Potential clients are also encouraged to fax their blood panel results to Dr. Coyle for evaluation at this same  number.

A consultation should then follow that will enable you to obtain her thoughts on your health issues based upon your lab results as well as the consultation.]

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Why doesn't ... ?

[In Europe, many patients are not able to obtain surgical options before utilizing Chelation to address their issues.

The U.S. has been somewhat slower in adopting Chelation as a viable and progressive method of dealing with a myriad of health issues.

However, it has a lengthy history of addressing such  issues in situations where modern medical practitioners have simply turned away or given up.

Chelation is also an option for those wishing to avoid surgery -- and it is effective for conditions for which there seem to be no options.]

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Who is Dr. Coyle?

Dr. Marcia Coyle is a dedicated practitioner of chelation therapy.

[Dr. Marcia Coyle is an American educated in Guadalajara, a gifted physician and practitioner that has been involved in the field of chelative medicine for over thirty years.

She has a wide following of both Canadian, American and Mexican patients who attend her clinic in San Luis,  Mexico, a border town in San Luis, Arizona.

The clinical restrictions in Mexico allow the use of stronger and therefore more effective chelative options and her prices make the practice more affordable for her older clients -- as well as allowing them to take more treatments in the hope that they will see faster results. ]

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What are my options following my visits to the clinic?

[Your trips to the clinic in San Luis will be based upon your consultations with Dr. Coyle.  Once home, however, there are things you can do to maintain the healthy options you have utilized at the clinic.]

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When is the best time to begin chelation?

[If you have even the beginnings of illness or disease, you should schedule a meeting with Dr. Coyle at the Coyle Chelation Clinic. A comprehensive blood panel will usually reveal any outstanding issues -- and based upon that panel Dr. Coyle will be able to make recommendations for areas of improvement. Most people make arrangements to have this panel before making the trip to the clinic.]

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I have heard that Chelation is effective in addressing Autism and other issues possibly related to bad reactions to vaccines. Is this true?

[Chelation is remarkably effective for a number of applications. Should a doctor make a  recommendation or referral for a chelative attempt to remove damaging toxins -- whatever the source -- it is likely that there will be areas of improvement. Talk to your physician or contact Dr. Coyle for additional information.]

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The simple blood panel required to become an established   patient   of
Dr. Coyle
and the Coyle Chelation Clinic can be accomplished by visiting any standard laboratory, and having the results faxed or e-mailed to Dr. Coyle for evaluation ahead of your visit.

If you already have recent test results and would like to consult with Dr. Coyle, use our contact page to reach out to her or e-mail your results to her.

If you are planning to have a panel done, you can obtain test results much more affordably by getting a consultation first letting Dr. Coyle's staff arrange for your panel.

Taxi cabs [free to Coyle Clinic patrons] are immediately available just inside the town limits as visitors to Mexico pass through the gates, and cabbies recognize the name of the clinic, just a few blocks from the entrance to the city.

Passports are commonly
all that is required to pass freely back and forth over the border. No fees are
required unless you are purchasing items to bring back to the U.S.

Special accommodations for wheelchair bound patrons are readily available.